Why businesses underperform.

Review Your Strategy and Processes to Improve Your Business

Many businesses perform at only 25-33% of their capacity across at least two of the four fundamental pillars. At the same time, they suffer from a lack of co-ordination and synchronisation across the pillars.

There are many reasons for this under-performance:

  • we are all busy and few businesses and few Leadership Teams have taken the time to install a system capable of being used consistently throughout the business
  • without an effective system, growth is difficult to measure, monitor and manage
  • Leadership Teams become too involved in the business and distracted from understanding trends within their marketplace and developing the business
  • new recruits bring their own learnings and values and, because there is no system, these are allowed to slowly dilute the focus, effectiveness and spirit within the business
  • the marketing activities become diluted and are rarely measured or fundamentally reviewed
  • the effectiveness of the marketing activities are neither measured properly nor effectively reviewed
  • very few businesses measure the performance of their people properly
  • as the business grows, meetings become ineffective and a source of negativity
  • the right people are increasingly difficult to find and compromises are made
  • there are time consuming, energy sapping conflicts between the Leadership Team and the principal shareholders.
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We are all busy and few businesses have installed a system which enables the Leadership Team to readily measure, monitor, and manage performance throughout the organisation.