Add a new, dynamic dimension to your business.
Become a BOS Envoy or Business Partner.

Welcome to the professional envoy and business partner section of our website.

If you are a professional dealing regularly with small and medium size businesses, with 20 to 100 plus employees, then engaging with us could be very valuable to you.

How we work

Our preferred partners are:

  • Legal practices
  • Accountancy practices
  • HR service providers
  • Management consultants
  • Sales and marketing companies
  • Business training firms
  • Recruitment & executive search firms
  • Business mentors & leadership coaches
  • Non-executive directors

The benefits of working together

We see BOS as being a perfect complement for professional firms and believe that BOS will help you:

  • generate fees from introductions
  • strengthen your relationship with business owners
  • develop an important distinction in the marketplace
  • enhance your prominence within your business network
  • be introduced to BOS clients
  • gain a deeper understanding of their businesses and ongoing needs
  • build revenue from better servicing these needs.

Typical problems that BOS addresses

Here are some of the characteristics of businesses which have enjoyed success using our model:

  • suffering from frustrated ambition
  • struggling to overcome persistent obstacles
  • the leadership team constantly wrestling to control the business
  • no system to facilitate a smooth succession
  • their people didn’t understand the business’s values nor were they focused on performance
  • battling with a lack of capital to provide stability and investment, despite being a good business.

Do these characteristics resonate with some of your client base?

If you have experienced these issues with your clients, there are excellent benefits to be gained by you from partnering with BOS.

Working with us, will empower you to help your clients measure, monitor, manage and monetise their business.

How to be involved

Join our business community by being an envoy or business partner with us and add a new dimension to your business.

There are no entry fees or subscriptions to become a BOS envoy or business partner.

The requirements are that:

  • you genuinely share our desire to help companies grow
  • you have suitable clients and want to grow your business
  • you are able to set aside time to learn about BOS and meet our highly skilled implementers.

Over 3,500 businesses across the globe have validated the success of the BOS model.

Next Steps

Set up an appointment with Colin Bond,
Head of Partner Relations.

Contact us by email at or phone 0330 022 6104.

We are looking forward to exploring the opportunities with you.