Case Study – success in Central Edinburgh

Implementing the building blocks of success for a 60 person business based in Edinburgh suffering in an overly competitive, noisy marketplace.




Below, is the 300 word summary of this Case Study.  

A more detailed explanation of BOS’ success and validation of the case study is available on request to [email protected].



By working with the CEO and the leadership team, build a much more positive working environment and substantially increase the value of the business within the pursuing two years.


1:         Get the leadership team meetings working better

2:         Implement better processes and get better data from the business, especially the marketing activities

3:         Build a strong Common Purpose within the business    

4:         Build messages that distinguish the business in their busy, noisy marketplace and provide a compelling offer.


There are four key things BOS helped us achieve …….

Did it work?  Yes: we increased profitability by a multiple of 4, built a more coherent and happy workplace and achieved a successful sale of the business.

See the full testimonial from the CEO here.


Implementation Process


Using the Business Diagnostic, we built an implementation programme and gained buy-in through an initial workshop with the leadership team to explain BOS, the findings of the diagnostic and present a range of solutions .

We then implemented these solutions using BOS through a five stage process to exclude the Capital Component (as the business had raised sufficient capital two years previously).   This was carried out over a 6 month period with Stages 4 and 5 being delayed by 6 weeks because the business requested more time to properly implement stages 1-3.




We significantly exceeded the leadership team’s expectations and, in the words of the CEO, transformed the business by:

  • having the leadership team working better as a team, being more open and supportive, and achieving actions within agreed timescales (Getting Things Done)
  • using the BOS Dynamic Organisation Chart, transferring responsibilities down through the business and giving people numbers to achieve every week/month (Getting Things Done and the Process & Data components).
  • flowing from this, having much better internal communication and improved recruitment processes (Common Purpose & People components)
  • their marketing activity was vastly improved due to more clear processes, better data and stronger messaging (Process & Data, Common Purpose and Marketing & Sales components).



18 months after starting the implementation, the profitability of the business increased four-fold and it was successfully sold to a third party.  

The ease of transition (from one ownership to the next) was above expectations due to the processes within the business and the high quality flow of data.

Our role was made easier by the client’s positive approach developed through the Business Diagnostic plus the pre-implementation workshop with the leadership team to gain their buy-in.


How we work

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Business success comes from a strong leadership team building a motivated, focused workforce applying great processes in a disciplined and consistent way. BOS enables you to quickly build these vital facets into a system tailored for your business.