Our simple Six Stage Process

BOS is designed to provide a clear, simple and cost effective delivery process.  We also guarantee our work to give you total peace of mind at every step of the way.  

We understand SMEs and the pressure their under including busy schedules, tight budgets and limited management resources.  We’ve built BOS to accommodate these constraints.  

Our Six Step ProcessSMEs can implement the building blocks for their future success through our Six Step process.

1:  Initial dialogueTo see where we would add value

2:  Carry out a Business DiagnosticTo learn more about your needs and priorities and explain, in detail, where BOS will add value

3:  Gain buy-inUsing the Diagnostic, gain buy-in from your leadership team and clarity your priorities

4:  Build an Implementation Plan Designed so that you can either self-implement the Plan or use BOS to help you

5:  Implement the PlanUsing BOS the Plan can be implemented within 90 days

6:  Ongoing SupportAt your request, we provide ongoing support to ensure that the benefits are embedded into your business and endure.

Our GuaranteeWe guarantee that our work in steps 4-6 will achieve agreed outcomes.This initiative is designed to build a positive working relationship with your team, ensure we are sharing risk with you and give you total peace of mind at every step through the Implementation Process.

Our CostOur cost can be spread over a 12-18 month period to suit your budgets.

Our GoalOur goal is to only work with SMEs where both of us agree where BOS can make a difference and add substantial value to your business.

How we work

To discuss how BOS could benefit your business call us today on 0330 022 6104

Business success comes from a strong leadership team building a motivated, focused workforce applying great processes in a disciplined and consistent way. BOS enables you to build these vital facets into a system tailored just for you.