Testimonial – Central Edinburgh

BOS’ goal is to help SME businesses build:

  • a more effective, efficient and valuable business
  • a highly positive workplace in the eyes of your people, customers and other stakeholders.

We do this by implementing the building blocks for their success and only work with clients where we both agree these will provide substantial added value to their organisation.

Below is a testimonial from the CEO in Case Study – success in Edinburgh. 

Full validation of this testimonial is available on request to [email protected].


There are four key things BOS helped us achieve:

First, it focused us on having the right data and develop processes to identify the key numbers that needed to be addressed and how to significantly improve them.  

Second, we developed a strong focus, urgency and accountability on achieving the right targets across the business.   

Third, using better processes, we built a much better, more positive place to work in which everybody knows what is expected of them and that the business is here to help them.

Finally, BOS’ processes helped us develop core messages to communicate our business and brand into our target market.  Our marketing people provided the look and feel for the brand, BOS helped us get the right messages.

Did it work?  Yes: we’ve increased profitability by a multiple of 4, built a more coherent and happy workplace and achieved a successful sale of the business.

How we work

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Business success comes from a strong leadership team building a motivated, focused workforce applying great processes in a disciplined and consistent way. BOS enables you to quickly build these vital facets into a system tailored for your business.