Our Rationale

We see that a modern, agile business has six components.

Our role is to help you understand and implement them to best suit the needs and priorities of your business.

BOS helps you build a truly dynamic, focused business with your people all having ready access to the right data.

BOS gives you a powerful, modern platform on which you can build a great business.

BOS – the Six Components

It’s widely accepted that business has four fundamental pillars: people, process, sales and capital. For a modern, agile business we add two crucial components:

  • Common Purpose
  • Getting Things Done

and, at the same time, get data flowing readily through the business.  Then, we help you implement a set of coherent processes into every area of your business.

Why we make a difference

Most SMEs understand the essence of the six components and do some of them well.  The problem is few SMEs integrate them all in a co-ordinated way that takes advantage of modern technology and builds a great, positive place to work.  Communication becomes confused, intended improvements are short-lived and people end up fighting fires.

BOS helps you to see what’s missing and implement and embed the right processes.  It’s a mix of discipline and commitment to achieving the agreed outcome.

With BOS, the components can be implemented swiftly (within 90 days) through our Six Step Process to create an efficient, effective organisation and a great place to work.  One that appeals to both key talent and customers.

Our Process has been designed to give you complete clarity and peace of mind at every step.