Our Rationale

It is widely accepted opinion that business success is based on Four Fundamental Pillars:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Capital

The Four Fundamental Pillars
of business success

To make a good business great, all four pillars need to be co-ordinated, synchronised and performing consistently at over 80% of capacity.

Turn a Good Business into a Great One

In our experience, most businesses work at no more than 25-33% in at least two of the four pillars. We believe that to make these fundamental pillars really work, a business needs to also achieve Two Essential Drivers: a Common Purpose and a system for Getting Things Done.

Delivering business success

These drivers can be best defined as:

Common Purpose:

  • to create a strong purpose, vision and shared values; and
  • to develop an agreed Plan.

Getting Things Done:

  • to implement the Plan effectively and measure, monitor and manage performance; and
  • to effectively deal with issues.

With these two essential drivers performing at 80% you secure very powerful foundations on which you can build a great business.

Many businesses understand the essence of the two essential drivers.  It is rare though that they are properly processed and specifically integrated into a system so that:

  • the purpose, direction and values of the business and the Plan are shared by everyone in the business; and
  • all processes are capable of being easily measured, monitored and managed and, therefore, followed by everyone.

Therefore in our experience, again, most businesses implement these drivers to the extent of no more than 25-33% of the potential capability and without the required synchronisation.

Our objective is to get you to over 80%.  By doing so enable you to turbo-charge your organisation and build a great business.