Our Story

A few years back, when investing in SMEs, we saw that many lacked the organisation required for them to succeed.  

Unable to find a modern, robust solution we built BOS. 


Helping you build a strong, coherent organisation

Undoubtedly, you’ve read about many great business practices and been inspired by how they’ve helped others succeed.  You’ve even, likely, tried implementing them into your business with a varying degree of success.

Our role is to help you build a modern, agile organisation through one simple, swift and coherent exercise, tailored to the needs and priorities of your business.  And, to make sure the benefits are lasting.

The value of modern process

Always, process has been the Number 1 factor behind business’ success.

The better, more coherent your processes the better your business operates and communicates, both internally and externally; the better your customers’ experience; and the more appealing your business to new talent, prospective customers and investors.

Modern processes enable data to readily flow throughout your business so that your teams make better, more informed decisions.

People love good process because it motivates them, tells them where they stand and helps them to continually improve.

Having worked across the globe, it's clear to me the UK would benefit significantly by conducting business in a more positive way. The UK should embrace certain dynamics prevalent in the USA including a more focused mindset, better use of data and building high performance teams.
Dan Zinner, Senior Executive, Trading and Operations, London